The Troublesome Trucks can be very bothersome things. They always disobey their engines and try to thrash them around. Henry was unfortunately a victim of the trucks' latest antics, as he was travelling down Gordon's Hill. The trucks saw that Henry was moving fast, and they took their chance. Where the hill levels out, Henry was fiercely pushed by his long line of freight; he was powerless to stop it. He tried to brake, but he had gained too much speed. "Oh no!" he cried as he hit a bend. Henry tipped onto his side, while his train piled up behind him. Luckily his driver and fireman were unhurt. "Bother! I was sure I had control!" Henry muttered, "What will The Fat Controller say?" The Fat Controller had plenty to say when he arrived. "Henry, your boiler and cab are badly damaged. You must be taken over to Crewe to have them replaced. I have asked the manager of the Other Railway in Britain to provide a new engine to take over your duties until you are well again. Unfortunately, it seems that, due to financial difficulties, no steam engines are available." Henry grimaced. "Does that mean, sir, that a diesel is to take my place for now?" he asked. The Fat Controller cleared his throat. "Yes, Henry, a diesel is coming. You shouldn't worry yourself, however. I am paying very close attention to this arrival," he said. And he did, for the diesel that the Other Railway had sent was none other than Diesel, who had been sent away years before for spreading lies about Duck. Diesel had been sent to the wharf to shunt empty trucks into open sidings. Bill and Ben were already there, working hard. They stopped as they saw Diesel oil into the area.