Logan the Shunting Engine is the sixth volume of the Expanded Railway Series. It introduced a small shunter named Logan.

Author's Note Edit

Dear Friends,

The coal yard has been very busy as of late. Thomas and Percy have been running it smoothly and efficiently, but it has been quite stressful on them. They yearn for easier work after extending themselves so much. It appears that The Fat Controller has noticed this, because there's a new shunter due to arrive next week. I've heard he has sight issues. I wonder how that will affect his performance...

The Author

Stories Edit

  1. Blue, Who?- Logan confuses Edward and Gordon's identities and switches their trains by mistake.
  2. The Cough- Logan develops a cough due to coal dust, and it impairs his concentration.
  3. Two-in-One- Logan's driver has caught ill, so his fireman attempts to take over the role.
  4. The Bullies- 'Arry and Bert give Logan a hard time when they come to the yard.