New Engines is the third volume of the Expanded Railway Series.

Author's Note Edit

Dear Friends,

The Island of Sodor has had many famous visitors such as the Flying Scotsman and City of Truro. However, some of Sodor's newest arrivals haven't been as charming. A new A4 Pacific and a lazy diesel have caused a fair bit of trouble for our engines. I feel that the discovery of a great surprise may be able to set these two troublemakers straight.

The Author

Stories Edit

  • Gordon and Spencer- An A4 Pacific named Spencer arrives on the Island of Sodor and is rude to Gordon.
  • Edward the Great- Spencer pompously challenges Edward to a race to boast his superiority when the Duke and Duchess of Boxford visit their summerhouse.
  • Thomas' Day Off- A new diesel named Dennis takes advantage of Thomas's free time to do his work for him.
  • Hero of the Rails- Percy is diverted onto an old secluded siding while pulling the mail and finds an engine named Hiro.