Randall is a rough and ready steam locomotive.

Bio Edit

Randall is based on a GWR 4073 Class steam locomotive. Originally made to be a passenger engine, he was loaned to the British Railways during the 1940s and was extensively used to haul iron and other materials that were needed for the war effort, as many of the other locomotives on the railway were effectively stranded due to the bombing of their rail lines. Randall was then returned to the Great Western Railway, but as the board deemed him too high-maintenance due to the damage he received, he was sold for a cheap price to The Fat Controller. On the Island of Sodor, Randall works once again as a passenger engine. He loves telling tales of his wartime adventures to the smaller engines who are willing to listen. However, his experiences have made him gruff and intimidating, which sometimes lead to him to harass the other engines.

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