Resourceful Engines is the seventh volume in the Expanded Railway Series.

Author's Note Edit

Dear Friends,

When I announced I was writing this volume you have before you, the engines were anxious to go about and have adventures that I could include in here. Oliver was quite successful, as you will read later on, but Thomas and Toby were not as lucky. I will let you go about your business now and learn what I mean in the pages ahead.

Stories Edit

  • Pointers- Toby helps the new stationmaster at Crovan's Gate learn the timetables.
  • Thomas and the Missing Truck- Thomas hides a truck of coal after being insulted, with unintended consequences.
  • Great Western Minister- Oliver helps a lost man find his way back to church before his service.
  • Night at Whiff's- Gordon breaks down at the waste dump and is annoyed with Whiff.