Revolutionary Engines is the fourth volume of the Expanded Railway Series.

Author's Note Edit

Dear Friends,

It seems that the economic recession has hit the Island of Sodor as well as the British Railways. With a shortage of steam engines for The Fat Controller to borrow, I'm afraid he might have to use someone less desirable. Maybe the return of a special fellow will cheer everyone up!

The Author

Stories Edit

  • He's Back- Diesel's work at the wharf is interrupted by Bill and Ben, who despise his impromptu arrival and want him off of the Island of Sodor again.
  • Diesel Does it Again- Diesel causes trouble at the docks and tries to blame it on Percy and Duck.
  • The Caledonian Twins- Donald and Douglas tell stories of their work back in Scotland during their day off.
  • The Scotsman's Rival- When the Flying Scotsman visits the Island of Sodor after his return from Railfest, Spencer becomes jealous of his speed records and challenges him to a race.