Sam the Great American Engine is the first volume in the Expanded Railway Series. It features Sam, a large locomotive from the United States of America.

Author's Note Edit

Dear Friends, 

I recently travelled to the United States in hopes of finding new inspiration for these volumes. My hopes were not only met but exceeded, as I met many interesting and kind characters on my expedition. I find the American Railways so alien to what I am accustomed to...

The Author

Stories Edit

  1. Sam and the Great Bell- Sam must be careful while transporting the Liberty Bell to the workshop to be cleaned.
  2. On Display- Sam becomes worried when he thinks he sees a stranded diesel on a siding.
  3. The Avalanche- Isabel becomes trapped when an impromptu mudslide surrounds her and her passenger train.
  4. Welcome to Sodor, Sam!- Sam is borrowed by a foreign railway to help build a history museum.

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